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Using Git dude with Growl on Mac OS X

Git dude is an awesome little shell script that monitors the repositories installed on your local development environment and then notifies you when your colleagues make commits and push to remote.

To set up nice integration into Mac OS X with Growl, a global notification system and pop-up notification implementation for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

To use git dude with Growl, you’ll to install the Growl Extra plugin called Growlnotify, which can be installed with [Homebrew][homebrew].

$ brew install growlnotify
$ brew install https://raw.github.com/gist/1289314/git-dude.rb

To have git-dude start tracking your repositories you simply need to create a folder ~/.git-dude which contains a symbolic link to each repository you want to track.

$ mkdir .git-dude
$ cd .git-dude
$ ln -s ~/path/to/repository1
$ ln -s ~/path/to/repository2